RTEC in the Community

The Regional Technical Education Center (RTEC), a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing high quality, accessible and affordable technical education and training opportunities for individuals and businesses in the Yankton region, has impacted the community in many ways.

Since its inception, RTEC has been training local and area residents to help fill the demand for skilled workers. Though many of RTEC’s courses have trained individuals for careers in the welding industry, RTEC’s impact goes far beyond welding. Other trainings have been adding CNC machinists and Certified Nursing Assistants to the local workforce. Additional leadership trainings have enabled many employees to boost their knowledge and skills to improve their chances of landing and keeping supervisory positions.

Over the years, RTEC’s reach has extended deep into the heart of the community. The foul poles at Sertoma’s baseball fields as well as the foul poles at the softball field in Riverside Park were created and assembled by welders at RTEC. A rack, specially designed to hold backpacks at the new Boys & Girls Club of the Missouri River Area in Yankton, was designed and welded at RTEC. And several benches constructed by students in the 2009 Manufacturing Academy have been popping up around town.

RTEC students have also tackled a number of small repair projects that have benefitted local residents and allowed welders to discover additional practical applications for welding. To date, students have repaired chairs, dog kennels and even patch work for a boat.

The community impact made by RTEC is felt in other ways as well. RTEC has served as a site for incoming employers to host job fairs to recruit new employees. Established businesses have utilized classroom space for off-site meetings and trainings. Local governmental agencies have held regular meetings at RTEC. Nearly two dozen other nonprofit agencies and organizations have utilized RTEC to host speakers, presentations and meetings at a discounted rate.

And that’s just the beginning.

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